There’s always one specific thing that the world suddenly revolves around. Since the past year, the thing that has gained maximum attention and has become a topic of conversation not only in every industry but also in households is an NFT.

These Non-fungible Tokens are proving to be a great doorway for people looking to enter the Web 3.0 world or to merely make a safe crypto investment. This digital asset breathing in the Blockchain technology has attracted millions from around the globe and are now looking to spread amongst Desis’

To be a part of this hype, various acclaimed brands in India are releasing their very own set of NFT collectables for the prospects to invest in. These brands are looking forward to allowing their audience to have a unique experience. This not only will increase brand awareness, but also retain the customers in the long run. The general recognition of the brand will also shoot up once they launch their unique NFTs.

Some of these brands include-

MG Motors India

The prevailing automobile brand of India has become the first-ever brand in their industry to release a set of NFTs. The release of their first set of 1111 NFTs is through KoineArth’s NgageN platform.

Hindustan Times 

The English daily newspaper company is about to release their NFTs under the name- HT Timeless Tokens. These unique collectables will include the historic creatives posted by the newspaper brand.


The leading entertainment network in India with numerous channels has launched its set of 3013 NFTs. So far, these are loved because of their pop-culture nature.


The dominating film production company has decided to collaborate with Hefty Entertainment and launch their set of NFT collectables that are going to be related to the blockbuster movies released.

In time, we’re sure that more brands are going to follow these examples and will engage their customers with these digital assets.