For an advertisement to capture the mind in an instant, it is important for it to look and deliver the message in the same way. Various brands have been coming up with new ideas each day but somehow are forgotten soon enough. However, this does not seem to be the case with India’s best credit card challenger, Slice

Cricket enthusiasts have gotten a chance to witness the latest campaign released by the sponsor of one of the most successful IPL teams, Mumbai Indians.

Shikha Gupta, Creative Head at Slice said, “In today’s fast moving world where time is the most precious commodity, we aim to save it so that our users live it the way they desire. We wanted to showcase the quintessence of the slice super card – its speed – and that we’re a brand for those who believe in moving fast. We need to be reflective of the persona of the people we cater to and that’s what led us to design the campaign in this tone and tenor. Fatmen Ideas & ZigZag Films brought this vision to life with a distinctive campaign that reflects our design ethos, and with  humour, quirk and zing.”

Slice has released 2 ad films that have instantly grabbed the attention with their impeccable design and a witty story that ends with the punchline- Slice the slow.

Conceptualised and created by Fatmen, the ad films instil humour by making use of characters in flamboyant attires, further brought to life by painstaking set design and lighting.

“This is the kind of brief every agency dreams of. We like that slice isn’t afraid of being brave and different. That’s what makes this campaign and slice one-of-a-kind. Our team had a lot of fun ideating and executing this series of films which are edgy, fearless and youthful. We thank slice for their faith in us and a big shout out to ZigZag films for bringing this to life,” says Ashwin Varkey, Founder & Creative Director, Fatmen Ideas.

The remarkable creativity of Slice has impressed everyone and has made the audience eager to wait for more. Such advertisements continue to make an impact even after they go off-air as they create a lasting impact. ‘For the fast ones’ is the message that each ad delivers and Slice intends to stay true to it.