It’s time to take a bigger, bolder leap. It’s time to #ChooseBold.

Royal Challenge Packaged Drinking Water has launched a new TC campaign Choosebold 2.0, celebrating the relentless spirit of Naya Shers.

Featuring India’s star player Virat Kohli, fellow cricket Smriti Mandhana and action hero Vidyut Jammwal, Choosebold 2.0 represents the return of the rap anthem that amazed audiences last year with Divine.

It is an ode to individuals to fearlessly pave their own path and a dynamic tribute to those with a progressive spirit in life. It aims to inspire individuals to break free from the shackles of society and choose to be bold rather than safe, so that all Naya Shers of the world are united.

“#ChooseBold isn’t just a phrase but the fire that drives you to break through all odds,” the brand wrote. “It’s about grabbing those moments in life, believing in yourself, and coming out stronger.”

Produced by Karan Kanchan, the campaign features those who are known for paving their own way in life. Kohli is known to embrace boldness every step his journey; Mandhana’s courageous leadership guided her team to victory during the Women’s T20 tournament; and Jammwal embraced boldness by returning to his martial arts roots after overcoming a major injury. Together, the three of them align with the goals of Royal Challenge Packaged Drinking Water’s campaign. Their fame and popularity across India will also give the company leverage to target a wider audience.

Virat Kohli said, “In life and in cricket, I have stayed true to my authentic self, choosing to lead the way rather than blend into the crowd. I believe that embracing the bold spirit has brought me closer to everything I have envisioned for myself. Like I said in the rap, I succeeded when I Choose Bold! I look forward to the next generation of Naya Shers to take inspiration from the TVC, to live boldly and fearlessly.”

Varun Koorichh, vice president and portfolio head, marketing, Diageo India, said, “Royal Challenge Packaged Drinking Water is an aspirational brand that celebrates those who defy conventions and choose bold. Our new rendition, Choosebold 2.0 aligns with our brand ethos which encourages individuals to celebrate the pivotal moments of choosing bold. Featuring prominent personalities who choose bold in their lives, like Virat Kohli whose success is a testament to his fearless decisions, both on and off the field. Smriti Mandhana’s never say never attitude that steered her team to victory during Women’s T20 tournament this year, and Vidyut Jammwal’s grit and passion triumphing over an injury and embodying the essence of perseverance. Choose Bold 2.0 goes beyond a campaign as it empowers individuals to unleash their inner strength, resonating with our commitment to celebrating boldness.”

The campaign video has received over 1 million views till date on YouTube.