July 25, 2024
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Blogger Zingyzest meets Team India at Delhi Airport; fans react

Popular blogger Sarah Hussein, aka Zingyzest, lived every Indian’s dream today when she met Team India at the Delhi Airport shortly after their T20 victory.

What would you do if you’re at the airport at the same time and place as the Indian Cricket team?” she asked on Instagram.

With Chak De India playing triumphantly in the background, her reel showcased her interactions with Team India, including Virat Kohli. From fist-bumping several prominent players to waving at them as they got into the bus to leave, she made memories to last a lifetime.

“Whole another feeling to welcome back our champions,” she wrote.


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Her reel has received over 13 million views in less than a day along with a flood of emotions.

Some followers pointed out that her meeting with Team India at the airport was too coincidental and may have been planned. “Why are you fooling people…. Everyone who goes to airport regularly know you can’t walk in when passengers are coming out of the plane, this was clearly planned. We can see how much people lie to get likes and comments,” a user wrote.

However, the vast majority expressed amazement that she had gotten this once-in-a-lifetime experience, expressing both delight and envy in the comments.

“She is living in our dreams,” one user wrote.

“Luckiest girl on this planet,” another commented.

“Now there are some people who are god’s favourite, well here’s the example for that,” another wrote.

“I would have fainted if virat kohli was this close to me,” another gushed.