Bagel Bites Creates One of the Wittiest Ad Campaigns Using the World’s Silliest Debates

10 August, 2020 (Monday)

Bagel Bites, a Kraft-Heinz brand, created its first major marketing campaign in over two decades and it did so flamboyantly. The brand is based on the wild idea that you could make a miniature pizza on a bagel. Wacky ideas often work best when sold through the medium of humour and that is exactly what they did in their ‘Bite-Sized Debates’ campaign.

The creative agency Johannes Leonardo created a bunch of hilarious and intriguing animations where two characters have a debate over the most cliched or ridiculous topics like ‘what came first’ or ‘how dogs wear pants’ among others. The point that the short 15 second ads bring out is that even if two people may never agree on anything else, we can all agree with pizza on a bagel. The agency made sure that the debates sounded authentic and created a lot of customer engagement over these debates on platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and  Reddit. Take a look