Ever since the countries began removing lockdown restrictions, the conversation about whether we can ever go back to the way things were before the great outbreak, has been sparking vigorously. While some of us are aching for things to go back to how they were before, the pandemic is far from being defeated and safety measures are still mandatory which have completely changed the dynamics of social life. Amid this, people are wondering whether the word normal still means the same thing.

Coca-Cola Netherlands, came up with a new poetic campaign called, ‘Open Like Never Before’ where it urges people to ignore the old notions of normal and start over with a positive outlook. The idea that this time we could start more humble, heedful, audacious and overcome our inhibitions of the past for a brighter life ahead. The ad was designed by the agency 72andSunny along with George the poet and it shows how people can open a new world like never before through a poetic journey that encourages overcoming apprehensions through positivity.