A new trend was born out of the YouTube comments section, and it is now all the rage on social media, while everyone has the same question on their minds— Who is Binod? It all started when the YouTube Channel Called Slayy Point came out with a video on 15th July titled ‘Why Indian Comments Section is Garbage (BINOD)’ mocking the sheer absurdity of the comments on their videos. One particular YouTube user called Binod Tharu simply wrote down his own name ‘Binod’ in the comments section and it had received 7 likes which left the creators baffled.

They further poked fun at the idea that ‘Binod’ could be an appropriate answer to any situation and soon several Indian YouTubers saw their comments sections being spammed with ‘Binod’. Some creators even adapted the gag on their own channels. Before we knew it, it was among the top trends on Reddit and Twitter. Before the second week of August started, Most brands and creators had hopped on the Binod wagon with witty ‘Binod’ meme posts on their social media with some even changing their handle names to Binod.