July 25, 2024
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Bhuvan Bam files a complaint over viral deepfake video showing up prompting tennis betting

Popular content creator Bhuvan Bam has found himself embroiled in the center of controversy after a deepfake video of him went viral on social media.

The video falsely depicted Bhuvan encouraging fans to invest in tennis through a certain bookie’s predictions. Alarmed by the misleading and highly defamatory nature of the video, Bhuvan and his team have taken swift action: they filed a formal complaint at the Oshiwara police station in Mumbai.

Addressing the issue publicly, Bhuvan Bam cautioned his fans and followers, highlighting the importance of vigilance in the face of such derogatory and deceitful content.

“I want to alert all my fans and followers about a deepfake video of me that is making rounds on social media. This video is completely fake and misguided, encouraging people to invest in tennis through predictions by a certain bookie. My team has already filed a complaint with the Oshiwara police station, and they are investigating the matter,” Bhuvan stated.

He further encouraged his followers to take adequate measures to avoid falling prey to such harmful scams. “I humbly request everyone not to fall for this video. Please stay safe and avoid making any investments that might lead to trouble or financial loss. It’s crucial to be vigilant and not get trapped by these deceitful baits,” he added.

Bhuvan Bam is not the first Indian celebrity to have been targeted and defamed by deepfake technology. Several other actors, including Rashmika Mandanna, Katrina Kaif, Alia Bhatt and Ranveer Singh have all expressed similar concerns after seeing deepfake videos of themselves posted online. Bhuvan’s quick response to the deepfake incident underscores the necessity of taking immediate action to try and address and nullify the potential damage caused by such potentially dangerous content. His call for increased caution serves as a vital reminder of the invasive nature of misinformation in this new digital age.

The police are currently investigating Bhuvan’s complaint.