July 25, 2024
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Spotify expands its features to all podcast creators, launches comments

“Discover the all-new Spotify for Podcasters mobile ap.”

Spotify has announced a new update to its Podcasters mobile app, now extending the feature to all podcast creators regardless of their hosting platform.

Previously exclusive only to creators, this development means that any podcaster, no matter where their specific show is hosted, can use Spotify’s dynamic tools to engage with their audiences and enhance their podcasting experience. This update marks a significant improvement in both accessibility and functionality for podcasters, helping them to better manage their shows and grow their viewership.

“We know your podcast doesn’t switch off when you step away from the computer. That’s why we revamped the Spotify for Podcasters mobile app. You’ll now be able to engage fans and keep track of your Spotify activity and growth in real-time, for free. Whether you’re at the gym, the beach, or your podcast studio, wherever you go, your show and your community follow,” Spotify wrote.

In addition to newly added features like Q&A and polls, Spotify has also introduced a new comments feature that allows creators to manage, like and reply to comments directly from the app. This expands their mission to increase engagement and interactivity from their audience, which has already seen a significant boost over the past few months. Creators will now be able to manage, like and reply to comments directly from the app,

Now, no matter what hosting platform you’re using to distribute your podcast, creators will be able to:

  • Get notified when you receive new comments and reply directly on the app.
  • See detailed analytics for your show to keep up with and understand your growth.
  • Get notified when you hit major milestones and land on our charts.
  • Manage how your shows appear on Spotify.
  • Easily access and receive notifications for all your podcasts without logging out

These new updates highlight Spotify’s commitment to improving their mobile experience and bringing their users more exciting features.