July 25, 2024
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Threads marks its one-year anniversary; shares usage insights

“Community for you and me.”

Threads celebrates its one-year anniversary with 175 million followers, exciting new developments, and user insights.

To mark the special occasion, Threads has added party hats to its profile images in the app, and has also added alternate app icons to mark their birthday. Additionally, if you share a post that uses the “One Year of Threads” tag this week, you will get a confetti effect on the platform, enhancing the celebratory mood still further.

Furthermore, Threads has released brand-new data about how people are using the app via Wakefield Research, based on a survey of 2,000 users in the United States.

Some key statistics:

  • 60% of those surveyed indicated that connecting with others is the most important part of social media, and many in Threads indicate that the app helps them build strong communities.
  • More than 50 million Topic Tags have been created on Threads thus far. The most popular ones include “PhotographyThreads”, “BookThreads”, “GymThreads”, “ArtThreads” and “TTPD”, among others.
  • 67% of Gen Z users are keen to keep up with entertainment-related news on Threads, including music, food and fashion.
  • 63% of Threads posts are text-only.
  • Over 67% of both Gen Z and Millennial users love voice notes.
  • There’s a growing number of Swifties (Taylor Swift fans) on Threads

As of right now, X (formerly Twitter) remains social media’s premier app, with over 250 million active daily users. However, Threads managing to garner 175 users in the short span of a year is a notable achievement that indicates that it is still in the race.