July 25, 2024

Rainbow Classrooms? Durex’s latest campaign encourages gender identity conversations

Durex has launched a new campaign, “Rainbow Classrooms”, aimed at creating a safe space for students in India and encouraging gender identity conversations in classrooms that are often overlooked due to lacking sex education in schools.

Conceptualized by VML, the video addresses the confusions faced by today’s youth regarding conversations about gender identity. “In India, students are often confused when it comes to conversations around gender identity. Home environments may not be welcoming to having open conversations on the topic, and educators do not always possess the necessary awareness or skills to address these subjects with sensitivity,” they said.

Through this campaign, VML and Durex worked with many students, teachers, school body heads and government officials to create a unique course specifically focused on educating educators on having these difficult and necessary conversations and becoming the safe space that their students need. Those who completed the course also received a symbolic gesture: a rainbow door painted outside their classroom. Inspired by the Pride Flag, these vibrant doors signified to students that they would be entering a safe environment where they could express themselves freely and without potential criticism or mockery.

Rohan Kumar, Group Creative Director, VML India said, “The first step to getting students to talk about gender issues was to create a safe space. The next was to create a symbol. Once we identified teachers as the ambassadors for this initiative, everything fell into place quickly post that. The rainbow doors serve as powerful symbols of safety and inclusivity. It’s a privilege for us at VML to collaborate with Durex on this initiative and support educational institutions to promote belonging for all.”

Ravi Bhatnagar, Director of External Affairs & Partnerships, SOA, Reckitt, highlighted Reckitt’s commitment, “At Reckitt, we are dedicated to promoting inclusivity and providing continuous support to the communities we serve. The Rainbow Classrooms initiative is a testament to our ongoing efforts to create safe and supportive environments for students, not just during Pride Month but throughout the entire year. By fostering acceptance and understanding, we are empowering the next generation to embrace their identities and contribute to a more inclusive society.”