“Where are you, Santa?”

India’s leading food delivery platform Zomato has launched its Christmas ad campaign, capturing the festive cheer through a heartwarming tale of late-night delivers and magical, unexpected encounters.

In their “Merrylicious Christmas Film”, Zomato showcases the reactions of kids and grown-ups alike when the news of Santa Claus’ sudden delay breaks. People shed tears, expressing bitter disappointment and resignation – until Zomato steps in to deliver their Christmas cheer with the message “Late deliveries can be painful, so we know, we have to deliver on time“. In a surprising twist, a Zomato delivery partner then shares a heartwarming hug with Santa Claus, discovering a gift for himself on the bike.

“Santa Claus is the most awaited guest in the world – showing up once a year. But… What if he gets late that one day? Well, no issues. Zomato will jump up to help until the main man shows up! See for yourself”, they wrote.

With the right amount of drama, magic and genuine sweetness, Zomato’s new ad comes at the perfect moment. This is the time when the child in all of us is eagerly awaiting the arrival of Santa Claus with his gifts and festive joy. Zomato’s campaign actively taps into this anticipation and emotional roller-coaster that occurs when people believe Santa is late. Thus, it simultaneously highlights Zomato’s role in bringing joy to people’s lives and captures the wonderful spirit of Christmas.

The ad was met with a flood of merry comments praising its ingenuity and impact. “Ho ho ho wholesome film” one user wrote. “Clearly, Zomato has hired the best content buddies in the country!” another commented.