WhatsApp is working to bring its users a new feature that allows them to set an AI-generated image as their profile picture.

As per a report from WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is in the process of developing this innovative new feature which was identified in the latest beta update for Android, version “WhatsApp is committed to rolling out additional AI capabilities aimed at enriching user interaction and offering a more customized experience,” the report notes.

According to a shared screenshot, users will be able to input a text prompt into the AI image generator, which will then produce a personalized photo based on the provided details. The tool is expected to show up when users click on the pencil-like edit tab in the profile picture settings, but it’s also possible that WhatsApp give it a dedicated tab.

The innovative new feature is designed to allow users to exercise their creativity by generating profile pictures that mirror their interests, personality and mood. It’s particularly appealing for users who enjoy their privacy and prefer not to share personal photos on social media or WhatsApp. This AI-generated profile will offer a perfect solution, allowing them to create meaningful and unique digital representations of themselves regardless. Most importantly, WhatsApp already includes a security feature that prevents contacts from taking screenshots of profile pictures.

The specific AI model supporting this feature has not been revealed as of it. Additionally, there is no confirmed timeline for the feature’s release as it remains under development.