Meta’s Mark Zuckerberg announced that messaging platform WhatsApp Channels have surpassed their 500 million monthly active users milestone.

Zuckerberg took to social media to announce the news, writing, “500 million monthly actives on WhatsApp Channels in the first 7 weeks! Great to see the WA community so engaged”.

Meta has achieved this groundbreaking feat just seven weeks of its launch. Initially introduced in September, WhatsApp Channels was intended to be a one-way tool to share updates with followers. The channels are separate from chats and, according to WhatsApp, protects the personal information of both the channel admins and the followers.

WhatsApp engaged in a variety of ways to boost awareness of their latest development, including endorsements from several public figures of India, including film stars, sportspersons, and politicians such as the Indian cricket team and Katrina Kaif. It is clear that their promotional efforts have paid off.

Due to its achievement in gaining 500 MAUs, WhatsApp is introducing a brand-new feature to the mix: Stickers. This will enhance user experience and reaffirm WhatsApp’s commitment towards improving their features to adapt to its users’ requirements.