While marketers often look for unique content and ways to market their products/services, there are a few who have created such brilliant content that markets itself! While laughter really is the best medicine as it reduces daily stress and lowers blood pressure, it is important for brands to understand the difference between what is really funny or merely dumb.

What makes something funny? 

It is often the unexpected nature of a plot that surprises the viewer and often makes them chuckle. However, the brands tweak this approach towards their advertising and make it more situational or character-driven to give it more relevance. The main motive is to market the product just as the punchline hits so the viewers are instilled with the idea.

It isn’t necessary that all such advertisements make it to the hearts in just the right way. Some often detour and end up being a failure. To avoid this, brands are taking constant efforts towards research and keeping a track of what the audience finds interesting.

While research remains the key element to any successful marketing campaign, the Digital industry has still witnessed some pitiful blunders by various brands. Not only were the advertisements presented by them tagged as ‘unfunny’ but were also considered ‘offensive’. This is the reason why opting for humous advertising can be a risky choice for most.

There are countless examples in the Indian industry of humour-filled advertisements, we have narrowed down some of the best ones-

1) Olx mischievous kid Ad 

2) Mentos Hen Ad

3) Bajaj Instant Fairness Ad