“A gift for you, from redBus”

RedBus has launches a heartwarming Christmas film titled “#EveryonesChristmas: Homecoming” to celebrate their annual initiative.

he wholesome ad aims to capture the universal essence and togetherness of Christmas without any barriers, depicting the festival as a melting pot for different cultures in India. It begins with a pink-haired teenager, Roshni, lamenting how nobody invited her to a giant Christmas party happening that day. Her ‘grandpa’ launches into action, telling her to pack her bags and come with him for a party in Kochi. Despite her skepticism, Roshni soon realizes that Kochi is a city full of welcoming people and festive decorations. She meets her grandfather’s old friends, spends time with him at the beach, and explores the lively, vibrant stalls of the city. Her magical day ends with a Christmas party on the street right outside her doorstep with Santa Claus himself present.

“In India, Christmas is for everyone no matter where you’re from!” the ad reads at the end. Thus, redBus depicts how the young and old, from different parts of India, can come together to celebrate the festival.

Produced by redBus for redBus, “#EveryonesChristmas: Homecoming” is not just an ad: it’s a heartwarming narrative that dives into the universal theme of finding a sense of belonging during Christmas, highlighting the importance of embracing diversity and uniting communities.

The video has already received more than 252k views and a flood of heartwarming comments. “Short and sweet,” one user read. “A warm message of homely Christmas,” another praised.