About the company:

Launched in Japan in the year 1918, Pilot is an internationally recognized brand with a history spanning over a century. In the late 1980s, the company came to be known as Pilot Corporation, a name that became synonymous with creativity, innovation, and success. Since then, the company has positioned itself as the world leader in writing instrument technology.

Dissecting Pilot Pen’s Instagram Strategy:

Pilot pen maintains a life-centric strategy across all its social media platforms, which is evident in its Instagram strategy which has humanized the brand and has enhanced its customer loyalty.

Pilot Pen established itself as an industry leader and differentiated itself from its competitors through contests and insightful and witty content. By producing 6 custom drawings each month to make it more approachable to demonstrate how pens aren’t something old and out of touch, but rather something that aids your designs.

Each illustration is created to demonstrates the capabilities of each pen.

They also follow a thematic unit to promote the specs of each product and suggest ways how users can use them.

Pilot Pens acknowledges that their audience has different needs a student needs a different kind of pen than an illustrator or creative.

Many brands forget to be personal. Even those that focus on inbound marketing tend to do it with a “push” mentality. They pay attention to engagement, they want more of it, but they don’t do anything with it. Instead of ignoring their followers like many may, Pilot does the contrary.

Every brand, whatever the size and whenever able, needs to carry on public conversations with their customers. It lets people feel that you’re human, and it deepens a connection that actually produces an ROI.