“I’m not a superhero but I can save the day with a Vadapav”

Bengaluru is famous not just for its startup culture and position as India’s peak IT hub, but also as the backdrop of several memes and eye-catching moments that have taken the internet by storm. The latest one is nothing short of remarkable – an architect who left his job to become a food vendor and “revive Vada Pav’s complete meal charm” in the city.

Vishwas, a teckie from Bengaluru, took to X to share a photo of a man he came across outside a clothing store. The man stood with a placard that read, “I’m not a superhero, but I can save the day with a vada pav”. Next to him, some packed food boxes were kept on a two-wheeler.

“Living in Bengaluru is a thrilling ride on the innovation rollercoaster!” Vishwas wrote.

“This post might make you internal sensation,” one X user wrote jokingly, and the prediction has come true. This post has gone viral and is trending across social media sites, with many admiring the man for his decision to leave his job and do what he loves. Many have been reminded of how the charm of Bengaluru lies not just in its technological advancements, but also in its ability to embrace and savor the simple joys of life, which are in many ways much more important.