Fire-Boltt has launched its brand-new #GaleTohMil ad film featuring the most unlikely duo – cricket legend MS Dhoni and iconic Indian rapper MC Stan.

Conceptualized and shot by Moonshot, this film makes a spectacular use of technology and star power to promote the brand’s revolutionary new Wristphone, which offers the advantages of both a smartphone and smartwatch.

The ad opens at a party, where ‘Thala’ legend MS Dhoni faces an initially awkward moment when approached by the excited MC Stan. Tension rises as Dhoni struggles to remember Stan’s name and songs, which results in an entertaining yet relatable situation that takes an unexpected and unpredictable turn. Fire-Boltt’s Wristphone grabs the spotlight as it emerges as Dhoni’s saviour by providing him with the information he struggles to remember. Thus, the film cleverly communicates its practicality and demonstrates how it has earned its title as the Smartest Smartwatch.

Fire-Boltt’s use of star power is extremely commendable. Initially provoking its audience’s curiosity by teasing a potential collab between the unexpected duo, they have succeeded in promoting their product to a wide range of audiences. Till date, their YouTube video has received more than 3,528,000 views, a number that will most likely continue to rise.

Arnav Kishore, CEO & Founder, said, “We are proud to introduce our first-ever Wristphone through this entertaining and engaging ad film featuring two iconic personalities, MS Dhoni and MC Stan. This product is a game-changer in the wearable tech space, and we believe that the film will effectively communicate its unique features to our audience.”

The ad film will be promoted extensively across various social media platforms and OTT channels, aiming for widespread visibility.