McDonald’s India (West and South) aims to make food ordering easier and more enjoyable for color-blind consumers for their #EatEqual campaign and has launched a first-ever feature on its McDelivery app and website to do just that.

In India, over 70 million people experience color blindness, and McDonald’s India seeks to ensure that they enjoy the same food ordering experiences as everyone else.

McDonald’s released a heartwarming ad campaign on World Sight Day through the perspective of Aniruddh Kothari, a red-green color-blind photographer who clicks various colorful and vibrant photos but sees them differently – devoid of colour. However, when he opens his phone, he sees a McDonald’s burger with a new color-blind-friendly version.

Through the use of a special algorithm, the website allows individuals who are color blind can select from three color enhancement options: ‘Green-Red’; ‘Red-Green’ and ‘Blue-Yellow’ and will be able to make an informed decision about what they want to order.

To make the process easier, McDonald’s India took to Instagram to show its followers how they can use the new feature on the McDelivery app:


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Arvind R.P., Chief Marketing Officer, McDonald’s India (W&S), spoke of the campaign, “We at McDonald’s are on a mission to make delicious feel-good moments easy for everyone, and we literally mean ‘everyone’. Born from this mission, our EatQual campaign underscores our commitment to breaking down barriers, ensuring that every customer is able to access the brand easily, feels welcome and has a great experience every time they choose to eat with us. Recognizing that we ‘eat with our eyes first’ and acknowledging that colour blindness is a widespread reality, we took the initiative to make our McDelivery App and website more accessible. We hope those with colour blindness will enjoy using this new feature to see the crave-able visuals of their favourite iconic productsbefore ordering, just like all other consumers”.

McDonald’s initiative was promoted through a panel discussion featuring esteemed ophthalmologist Dr. Hemalini Samant, color-blind photographer Aniruddh Kothari, and Arvind R.P., chief marketing officer of McDonald’s India (W&S). To ensure that they reach a wider audience, they have also partnered with the color-blind stand-up comedian and influencer Kenny Sebastian.

Through this campaign, McDonald’s India (W&S) continues its initiative emphasize its accessibility, inclusivity and empathy, trying their best to make McDonald’s a brand that anyone and everyone can enjoy.