Apple and Microsoft’s brand wars go way back to 2006 when Apple Inc. launched the controversial MAC vs. PC initiative in May 2006. The “Get a Mac” series of ads and promotions consisted of 66 commercials that appeared on television, all of which argued the same point: that a MAC is superior to a PC. Actors Justin Long, who plays the “MAC,” and John Hodgeman, who plays the “PC,” star in the advertisement. The two well-known actors personify the machines they play while still resembling the two companies’ founders, a plump version of Bill Gates and a younger Steve Jobs.

Long is the youthful, better-looking, laid-back character who is meant to portray MAC items as being more user-friendly and easier to use. In this advert, Hodgeman is depicted as a dorky-looking guy who wears his hair up high and has a mostly uninteresting presence. This campaign was developed by Apple to increase revenue and eliminate their largest rival, Microsoft.