Himalaya Wellness Company has launched Rumalaya Active Spray’s new television advertising campaign aimed at providing consumers with long-lasting pain relief.

Their campaign’s theme, “Rumalaya Active Spray: Your Pain Relief Partner”, reaffirms Himlaya’s commitment towards delivering tested, safe, quick and effective pain relief that lasts up to six hours. It also promotes a wide range of pain relief products, including spray, gel, liniment, and balm, in order to increase audience awareness about their diverse products.

Their 25-second film is short, concise and brilliantly effective. It opens with a man wincing in pain due to his aching back, before being given Rumalaya Active Spray. The scene quickly changes to a wedding where he dances with abandonment, apparently cured of any discomfort. Lastly, a doctor appears on screen to provide viewers with clinical information about the benefits of the spray.

Vikas Bansi, Business Head-OTC, Himalaya Wellness Company, said: “We have utilized digital platforms to target high-affinity consumers and drive e-commerce conversions. Himalaya has featured Rumalaya Active Spray ads during live Asia Cup matches and makes our products available in over one lakh outlets. Additionally, we engaged in experiential marketing through sampling activations at popular melas/gathering/fairs to reach a diverse audience,”

He continued: In order to complement consumer activation efforts, we have also conducted product detailing and sampling activities, along with Continuing Medical Education (CME) programs targeting relevant healthcare professionals, especially doctors specializing in pain management. With a foundation rooted in consumer insights and a comprehensive marketing strategy, we expect the Rumalaya Active Spray TVC campaign to generate significant consumer awareness and demand.”

Rumalaya Active Spray’s new TVC campaign is an all-India television advertising campaign which will target key markets and cover leading national and regional channels. In addition to TV advertising, Himalaya has also advertised the product digitally through popular platforms like YouTube and Meta pan India to reach the widest possible audience.