After the massive exposure Instagram’s Reels has enjoyed, Facebook is bringing Reels to its own platform. According to the research published by researcher Alessandro Paliszzi, Facebook is testing a new display option on top of users’ Feed Stories panel which would have the Instagram Reels integrated to it wherein users would be able to see Instagram Stories, clips from Instagram Reels, and/or Facebook’s potential addition of audio rooms.

According to Facebook, the potential feature of audio rooms are currently being tested with select creators and groups and the social media conglomerate hopes that the addition of this new feature would help increase exposure for Instagram Reels.

Facebook has also stated that the company would like to introduce Reels to the application in the future instead of depending on integration. The company has been testing reel recommendations in Facebook Watch and user feeds since the end of last year and have yet to take the experiment further to gauge proper reaction of the addition of the feature.