About the brand:

Prime Video is an online video-on-demand service by Amazon that began in the USA in 2006 as Amazon unbox. Ten years and several rebrands later, the service made its way into the Indian market as Prime Video India in 2016 as a competitor to Netflix and Hotstar.


Amazon Prime markets itself as more than just a streaming service. Unlike its rivals, a Prime membership also gives its users access to a music streaming service and additional perks on Amazon’s shopping app among other things. Owing to this, Prime aggressively markets its membership program through all its platforms while specifically targeting the youth with special discounts and offers. Its Instagram page perfectly captures the essence of this with most posts targeted at the youth.

It keeps things lively and affable by not taking itself too seriously. A visit to Prime’s Instagram page could be either an interesting lesson on artsy foreign films or a dive deep into a rabbit hole of hilarious memes. The sheer number of memes it makes out of every show and movie on the platform is baffling, though we’re not complaining. Its popular shows like Family Man, Mirzapur, Pataal Lok and ‘4 More Shots Please’ among other popular shows ride the wave of these memes with grace to gain more traction on the platform. The brand refrains from sticking to a particular tone on the page and instead packs a punch of colourful shots from the numerous shows and movies available on it.

When it isn’t showing off its strong meme game, it is either making clever pop culture references or jumping on to the latest trends. Several Influencers from the film industry have also collaborated with prime to create some witty posts, increasing user engagement. It recently put up a tongue twister challenge with Amitabh Bachchan and  Ayushmann Khurrana which helped promote their film while also promoting the platform. On Twitter, Prime had launched a campaign called #SrikantKuchChupaRahaHai, where a bunch of actors, cricketers and journalists took part in a game of riddles using emojis to promote the platform and increase engagement.

Amazon Prime Video India’s social handles are handled by the agency One Hand Clap. They flashily show how humour and intrigue can be powerful weapons in advertising on social media.
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