AI has transformed the world at a rapid pace that would have been unimaginable just a decade ago. And now, this extends to the workplace.

As per new research by LinkedIn, job requirements will undergo a substantial 65% transformation by 2030, primarily prompted by swift advancements in the field of AI.

LinkedIn’s report reveals that this development is already in progress. In India particularly, job listings referencing AI or Generative AI have more than doubled over the past two years (2.5x), indicating the increasing importance professionals are placing on the tool and its utility. Additionally, job postings related to AI or Gen AI have also experienced an increase of 2.1x in applications in India. Significantly, this outpaces the growth of job listings that don’t mention AI, which indicates that to many, AI is the way of the future.

AI’s pivotal role in the workplace encompasses multiple sectors. For example, it is expected to lighten the workload so HR teams will be able to dedicate more time to strategic tasks and the human aspects of their role, including engaging in creative endeavors (39%) and enhancing relationships with candidates and colleagues in a mutually beneficial manner. Globally, 80% of HR professionals believe that AI will be a valuable tool to assist them within the coming five years.

LinkedIn’s further research has also highlighted how 78% of Indian marketers feel confident using AI tools and a huge percentage believe that AI will support their work and help them think and act more innovatively and efficiently.

To prepare their workplace for these imminent and inevitable changes, business leaders are turning to recruitment teams and HR to guide the transition. The majority of talent professionals in India have noted that their role has become more strategic over the past year, particularly where talent acquisition is concerned.

LinkedIn has taken a leading role to guide organizations in adapting to the rapidly evolving work landscape. They have recently initiated a trial of Generative AI tools within Recruiter and Learning Hub, beginning with a select group of customers with the aim to extend these tools to all users gradually over the course of the year.