New research from LinkedIn reveals that marketers in India are ready to embrace AI with over three-quarters (78%) feeling confident about using the technology.

The study reveals that the majority (83%) of marketers in India believe that AI will significantly change the way they work in the next year, and nearly half of them (47%) hope that it will help them to become more productive. The research has also discovered that 93% of marketers believe AI will support their work and create space to help teams think innovatively.

As companies aim to stay top of mind and leverage creativity to build momentum among audiences, AI will help marketers spend less time trying to find potential buyers and more time on more important work like engaging with customers by building impactful creative campaigns.

LinkedIn’s research reveals that these marketers plan to use AI for day-to-day, mundane tasks: 88% want to use it for summarizing lengthy articles and videos; 82% aim to use it to create the first drafts of written content and presentations, and 83% aim to use it to help them problem-solve. All in all, the vast majority of marketers in the country are ready to adopt AI into their practices.

Currently in India, 68% of marketers are using the technology with nearly half of them (45%) experimenting with tools like ChatGPT. LinkedIn’s latest ‘B2B Marketing Benchmark’ report also found out that 87% of B2B marketing leaders in India aim to increase their use of generative AI next year. LinkedIn itself pilots Accelerate, a new automated B2B marketing campaign creation experience powered by AI, displaying their own commitment to the new technology.

Ashutosh Gupta, Country Manager at LinkedIn India said, “AI tools can work as great supporters for B2B CMOs by taking on operational tasks and creating room for marketers to focus on building strong customer relationships. Amid competing priorities and limited resources, AI empowers marketers to excel in strategic work, deepen customer connections, and create memorable campaigns that drive immediate action and fuel long-term business growth.”

LinkedIn’s much-needed new research highlights the collective view of AI in India, and hints at its potentially increasing role in the future of marketing within the next few years.