A23 (Head Digital Works) has announced the launch of its new Poker application with a brand campaign starring none other than Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan.

In the film-campaign, Shah Rukh Khan uses his great Poker skills to get himself out of a tight spot. With epic action and witty dialogue, including Poker-relevant terminology, A23 highlights their product offerings and appeals to Indian Poker enthusiasts.

A23’s decision to partner with Shah Rukh Khan will be immensely beneficial, allowing them to leverage his star power and magnetic appeal to appeal to viewers. His large, devoted fanbase will also give them a wider audience to promote their products.

Shah Rukh Khan commented on the new campaign, expressing his view on A23: “A23 is one of the most significant names when it comes to skilled-based online gaming in our country. After becoming one of the leading online rummy platforms, they have now leveraged experiences and insights to create an exciting new product, A23 Poker. I am confident that the new app will appeal to every poker fan in the country and has something unique to offer.”

Gunnidhi Singh Sareen, VP- Marketing, Head Digital Works, added, “The new campaign for A23 Poker is a testament to our commitment to deliver a high-quality product for our users. The launch film illustrates our brand ambassador in an action packed sequence while capturing the essence of the new product. This is the first instance for A23 to come up with a long running ad film (90 sec) and I am eager to witness how it is received by our audience. These ads are sure to create a positive stir amongst poker enthusiasts in the country. We also released a new ‘responsible gaming’ film to educate users about healthy and safe ways to game online.”

A23 has simultaneously launched its 4th edition of ‘Responsible Gaming’ film in order to display their commitment towards raising awareness of safe behavior while gaming online.