A Run-Down Of All The Campaigns For Social Media Day

01 July, 2021 (Thursday)

We’ve come far from the ages of Print, Radio, and Television and have created an era where anything is possible on social media - from starting businesses and turning them into major conglomerates, finding a new source of income, sharing your hobbies and talents with the world, learning and developing your skill set- the social media has been all-encompassing. It’s been a friend, a teacher, a networking platform - everything and anything beyond our imagination. 

Simply put, a life without social media seems unfathomable and even scary. Social media has taken over our lives completely and changed us. What’s bizarre is that social media has barely been in our lives for more than 25 years and has changed our perspective of our own world. The contributions to society by social media are magnanimous and it’s no wonder Mashable decided to dedicate a day to honor it, 11 years ago.

Here are few of our favorite campaigns on Social Media Day that make us realize the importance of it: