On Social Media Day, Social Media Dissect launched its digital campaign #ConsumeResponsibly to highlight the negative implications of social media and the importance of educating ourselves on maintaining a healthy balance of content consumption online.

The digital campaign consists of an Instagram Reel questioning the audience on their social media habits, whether they were consuming social media or was social media consuming them – concluding with an appeal to consume online content responsibly.

According to a study done by the University of Pennsylvania, researchers found a causal link between social media and depression. With more and more individuals getting digitalized and spending increasing hours on social media, the higher the number of diagnoses of depression, anxiety, and poorer social skills in individuals.

To invoke large responses from the audience and spread maximum awareness on the issue, Social Media Dissect encouraged everyone to remix its reel and speak about the rules and boundaries required to be set on social media to keep their mental health in check.

The campaign reel was remixed by several digital influencers and agencies, amongst others.

You can check the campaign here:


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