July 25, 2024
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The Fierce game of advertising sometimes requires brands to take cheap shots and witty jabs at their competitors to establish their superiority.

Through the years, BMW and AUDI have been at each other’s necks. The Two German Luxury automobile giants were at it yet again with an incredible to and fro of billboards.

It all started in California when BMW put up a billboard promoting their 35th MOA rally with a chess reference.

AUDI saw this as a perfect opportunity and put up their own billboard mocking their arch-rival.

Soon enough, a feisty back and forth of billboard chess got ignited between the two, each trying to race past the other with the likes of bigger billboards and more aggressive jabs.

This hoarding chess match only ended when BMW tethered a gigantic blimp to AUDI’s billboard.

The game however was far from over as AUDI taunted BMW once again with a billboard that sarcastically congratulated it over their World Car of the Year Win whilst subtly boasting about their own 6th consecutive Le Mans Race victory.
BMW replied to this with another witty billboard and the contest heated up once again with high-speed. Before we knew it, Subaru and Bentley also drove right into this hoarding battle which was laced with sarcastic compliments.

Here is how all the action unfolded.

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