Zomato will no longer only be delivering food, but also its nutritional supplements

20 July, 2021 (Tuesday)

When we think of Zomato, we usually think of all the delicious food at our disposal that can be quickly delivered to us for our satisfaction. Oh and all the witty content they post on social media. But dietary supplements and pills? These aren’t products that we associate the brand with, but will soon just do so.

Deepinder Goyal, the founder and CEO of Zomato, revealed the companys foray into nutrition supplements, or functional food, on Twitter. The supplements will be manufactured in India and sold under Zomatos own labels. The functional meals, according to Deepinder, would be available for ordering on Zomatos app shortly.

Deepinder claimed that the supplements would be produced in India and would be delivered within 15 minutes thanks to its 1.5 lakh delivery partners in its fleet, in response to inquiries on the microblogging site. He further claims that these dietary supplements are subjected to the "highest degree of quality inspections imaginable."

Many are speculating that the current pandemic is what got Zomato into the industry of supplements. The COVID-19 epidemic has prompted the globe, as well as Indians, to focus on preventative healthcare. There has been an increase in the market for nutraceuticals in India due to increasingly hectic lives, growing patient awareness, body image concerns, and pill weariness.