Social Media Stands Up For Mental Health Issues On World Suicide Prevention Day

11 September, 2020 (Friday)

Mental health problems are serious and they can affect anyone, and the pandemic was a great wake up call for us to realise the significance of a healthy mind. After the pandemic lockdowns finally got us to acknowledge the severity of mental health issues, it has also brought us closer and shown us the importance of communication. It has also brought the dreads of loneliness into focus as people try to crack down on the causes of depression and try to help others out when they’re feeling low.

With social distancing norms in place, most people have been distanced from the loved ones and this has often meant that most interactions have had to happen digitally and social media has been a great medium both for building awareness and facilitating communication. Many brands, creators and influencers took to social media on World Suicide Prevention Day, which is observed on the 10th of September, to urge people suffering from depression to hold on since there’s a lot more to life. As creators, It is important for brands to remember that such sensitive matters must never be viewed as marketing opportunities.

Here are some of the attempts at raising hope that caught our eye.