Social Media Gets Overloaded With Touching Mother’s Day Posts

11 May, 2020 (Monday)

Mothers shower their children with unconditional love every single day of the year and on Mother’s Day, people around the world try their best to show their appreciation and return some of this love back through gestures, small and big.

Amid all the blues 2020 has brought us, brands tried their best to warm our hearts through social media with wonderful posts dedicated to the mothers of the world. These amazing posts made us reminisce about their amazing food, their love and care, their unflinching support and the daily struggles they undertook for us. Some made us laugh and cry and took us back to the days of our lost childhood. Topical posts like these help brands connect with their audience at a deeper level and bring them back to the brand when struck with a choice later on by building brand recall.

Here are our top picks.

Real Me


World Of Play

YouTube India

Society Tea

Maruti Suzuki

Theobroma Patisserie

Chennaiyin FC

Nykaa Man



Gits Food

Open Secret

Jeep India

Group Land Mark