Reel creators are gaining millions of views with the chucklesome Tigini trend

20 May, 2022 (Friday)

When mentioning Instagram, the foremost thing that comes to mind is the countless reels that entertain millions each day. From the generic hack videos to following a fresh trend each day, content creators find a way to make viewers groove to their moves. 

While trends are usually short-lived and soon overlooked, one specific trend has caught the attention of multiple creators including certified ones, who are engaging the viewers by recreating a Reel to this sound trend. 

The ‘Tigini’ trend is a comic version of the GRWM videos that include popular movie scenes getting millions of views as an Instagram version. 

Here are the most relatable and favoured versions of the Tigini trend- 

1) Kusha Kapila 

Kusha has previously created ample reels with her partner and is yet again amusing millions by giving a humorous touch to an emotional scene from the movie ‘Tamasha’. 

2) Jissa Paul 

Using the hype of the wild Met Gala looks for the year, Jissa Paul has recreated an iconic look of Kylie Jenner, which soon become a famous meme. 

3) Anisha Dixit 

Recreating a real-life situation as a reel by using Kareena Kapoor’s famous dialogue from Jab We Met, fits perfectly. 

4) Arsh 

Memes are incomplete without the legendary Akshar Kumar and so it was no surprise to see his remarkable scenes recreated in the Tigini trend. 

Hear the Tigini song -