Past Tiktokers To Insta Reel Celebrities

04 February, 2022 (Friday)

Ever since the ban of Tiktok back in 2020, Instagram immediately came up with an alternative. The Instagram Reels gave the Tiktokers an alter-career to keep entertaining the audience on a daily basis. With the help of lockdown, the time spent on digital platforms really took a hit. People who were unaware of the platform had also become a part of it.

Millions have joined the platform and the number increases by the day. In such scenarios, the Digital world has become the peak start for the birth of a celebrity. The past Tiktokers saw and seized this opportunity with the initially 15-second reel that now extends up to a minute. 

These reels are captivating the minds as each ‘creator’ brings back their own perspective and artistic skills to present to the world. The creators are making the most of this opportunity and marketing themselves digitally to earn monetary and barter benefits. 

Instagram continues to give out new creators each day that turn into celebrities in a blink of an eye. These celebrities influence to a great extent and are often recognized countrywide. 

Even Bollywood celebrities are keeping a track of the engagement these Insta-celebs receive and hence are seen uploading Reels to keep up with it. 

Marketing the movies of Bollywood celebrities has become a mandatory step on such Reels. These celebs are collaborating with Insta-celebs to spread the word and engage with the audience with an easier platform. 

Some of the most influential Reel-celebrities are - 

1) Avneet Kaur 

2) Radhika Bangia 

3) Unnati Malharkar 

4) Manav Chhabra 

5) Abhi & Niyu