Nestle India''s New Campaign Looks To Ensuring Customers About Its Healthfulness

09 June, 2021 (Wednesday)

After Financial Times and other international media presented internal reports that showcased that a major percentage of Nestle's products were described and rated as 'unhealthy' by various countries' health rating system with makers of both KitKat and Maggi acknowledging that their products will never be healthy regardless of the number of renovations they go through, Nestle has been shuffling to launch a strategic consumer campaign to salvage its reputation. 

A spokesperson of Nestle India commented, "Our approach as a credible, trustworthy and responsible company is to always communicate with consumers on facts, in a humble and transparent tone and manner. Recent reports have questioned the healthfulness of Nestlé products, because of a global internal working document that was reported out of context. The portfolio analysis only covers about half the global sales, since several prominent categories were not included." 

The strategy relies on Nestle India publishing print ads featuring its entire portfolio. The spokesperson further stated that, "We will be releasing print advertisements over the next few days reassuring consumers that we genuinely care about what matters to them, what concerns them and that we are there for them 24x7 if they have any questions or suggestions."

As a response to the internal reports published by international media and Financial Statements, Nestle announced that it was working on making their portfolio healthier by updating its nutritional and health strategies. They said, "We believe that a healthy diet means finding a balance between well-being and enjoyment. This includes having some space for indulgent foods, consumed in moderation. Our direction of travel has not changed and is clear: we will continue to make our portfolio tastier and healthier."