#DearIntern, We''ve Got Your Back

22 June, 2021 (Tuesday)

Imagine you wake up in the morning to a very bizarre e-mail from one of your subscriptions and all it says is "The template is used by integration tests only," with the subject line "Integration Test Email #1." If you received this email from HBO Max, you'd probably think that it was an email to promote one of their news shows.

But it wasn't. It was actually an error on behalf of the giant streaming services. With the Internet world busy deciphering what the 'coded' mail could be, HBO Max stepped in and cleared the air. In a tweet to the public, HBO Max clarified that they accidentally sent everyone subscribed to its mailing list an empty test mail. They specified how one of their interns mistakenly sent it and even stated how the company is helping the intern go through it.

As soon as HBO Max sent out its apology tweet, tweets came flooding in -all shouldering support for the intern. In a trend now viral, users are sharing their experiences and the mess-ups they've made as interns by addressing the intern through #DearIntern. The entire #DearIntern has been flooded with people admitting the mistakes they've made and still becoming successful later on.

The Twitter trend reminded everyone that empathy still exists and can be found in the darkest days as well as the importance of how much the audience appreciates brands fessing up the moment they've realized they've made a mistake.