Brands Pay Tribute to the Heroes of the Pandemic

14 April, 2020 (Tuesday)

The SARS-Cov-2 pandemic has stirred the entire world into a state of chaos and agitation. Most countries have endured great losses to their economies as businesses are shutting down left and right. While the rest of us are feeling the waves of the house arrest blues, there are those unsung heroes who are putting their lives on the line so we can carry on with our lives unhindered. These are the people who provide us with essential services like food, electricity, gas, internet, banking services, and most importantly those from the medical fraternity who deal with the dangers of the pandemic from point-blank. Many brands decided to pay tribute to these heroes on social media with a host of heartfelt posts that were both clever and sensitive to the times.

Take a look at our favourite ones-


Mereces Benz

Bajaj Allianz General

Head and Shoulders

Mother Diary

SBI Life Insurance

Dineout Later



Fortis Healthcare

Modern Foods

Frozen Bottle

Zoom car

Tossin Pizza


Goodricke Tea

Reliance Jio