Brand’s creative celebration campaigns of India’s 75th independence!

17 August, 2022 (Wednesday)

The spirit of independence was higher than ever this year. The metropolitans of the country were beautifully decorated throughout which kept the viewers even more excited to see what was brewing online. 

Luckily, the pride of the citizens were heightened through remarkable campaigns that made their way to the viewers hearts and definitely boosted sales. 

Out of innumerable campaigns celebrating the 75th Independence, we’ve picked out some of the best ones for you! 

1) Godrej 

The brand came up with a unique campaign idea - Sound of making India, that depicted the progress of our country through sounds portrayed as ‘Heartbeats’ 

2) Servewell

The campaign, India on a plate, executed by Servewell was a brilliant collaboration of AI and creativity. The campaign invited audience interaction and the assistance of AI to create art. 

3) Sleepycat

A quirky #Freeforsleep campaign smartly conveyed how we’re still under the restrictions of our habits, while not being free for the necessary. 

4) ThumsUp

What is the celebration of Independence without paying tribute to the heroes behind it? ThumsUp released a campaign, glorifying the nation’s warriors. 

5) JSW Paints 

A heart-warming campaign, Think Beautiful, indeed was true to its name. The campaign charmingly portrayed treating our country better and keeping it beautiful.