Best Digital Marketing books to read in 2022

22 January, 2022 (Saturday)

The term Digital Marketing itself suggests that brands market their products or services via the internet. They explore various niches including social media marketing, blogs, emails, websites and much more. It becomes a necessity of establishing marketers to learn about this form of marketing and make the best use of it. To understand this better, books are the best way of communication between them and the experts. They provide in-depth knowledge, covering every aspect necessary. 

Here are a few books that every Digital Marketer must read- 

1) Permission Marketing by Seth Godin

This book gives in-depth knowledge to the readers regarding customer behaviour and helps understand the connection between them and the brands. The book explains various techniques and tips for markers to allure customers without any desperate measures. 

Rating 3.8/5 

2) Google Adwords For Beginners by Cory Rabazinsky 

For someone new to Adwords, this is the correct way to be introduced. The book helps the readers straightforwardly understand the Adwords, eliminating all confusion. The techniques enlisted can help brands improvise according to the dynamics

Rating- 4.2 / 5

3) Email Persuasion by Ian Brodie 

Digital Marketing is incomplete without understanding the use of Email Marketing. This book allows the users to understand email strategies that will go a long way. It elaborates on the needs and requirements of the customers and helps the reader develop customer loyalty and high engagement. 

Rating- 3.8 / 5 

4) Building A Story by Donald Miller 

The most common problems that every marketer faces is having to deal with the cut-throat competition and trying to stand out. This book provides a solution for the same. It identifies the requirements of a customer and cracks down the complex advertising in a simple manner. It helps create a brand image that attracts the customer despite the race among brands to succeed. 

Rating- 4.4 / 5

5) Social Media All-in-One For Dummies By Jan Zimmerman

As the name suggests, this book is the ultimate guide for all social media platforms. It explains the working of different platforms and the content most suitable for the platform. It helps strategise and create smart content that delivers quality over quantity. 

Rating- 3.6 / 5 

Be it a newbie or someone who is already a part of the industry, these books will certainly be helpful to understand, reflect and create better each day. Want more such suggestions? 

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