A swarm of trending formats on social media

10 February, 2020 (Monday)

These three new trends have been all the rage on Instagram.

In the clutter of spam emails that fill our inboxes, we mark the important ones with a star so we can always find them when we need them. #Mailedit is a trending new format in which brands have expressed how they deserve a place among our starred emails.

With the growing concerns over privacy, applications now ask for your #RealPermissions before accessing anything on your smartphones. Brands have used this format to craft some really witty posts.

Predictive text has made typing a breeze by analysing what we are most likely to say and giving us suggestions based on that. This #MyTypeChallenge format was exploited by brands to yield some delightful posts on Instagram.

Take a look at some of our favourite posts

(1) #MailedIt
Format by – Agency Ting