A meme Paragliding it’s way back to fame with Alia Bhatt

18 May, 2022 (Wednesday)

While quick fame on the internet is often short-lived, one meme still rose from the ashes and made its way back to popularity. 

The ‘Land Karade Bhai’ meme featured a regular man, afraid of heights, who went paragliding and captured his raw emotions on camera and immediately went viral after it was posted. 

The 2019 meme made Vipin Sahu, the Paragliding Guy, an instant internet sensation cracking up millions of people by sharing his experience. 

At the time, marketers viewed this as an amazing opportunity to recreate this meme while associating it with their brands and gaining impressive engagement from their creatives. Numerous pages dedicated solely to the meme were also created, indicating its vast spread. 

Although with the pandemic hitting the focus was quickly taken off the meme, it is seen to go viral again over Instagram with the relaunch of it as an Ad. 

This epic recreation features Alia Bhatt, replaced as the instructor in Cadbury Perk’s new Ad campaign while keeping the original spark of the video with Vipin Sahu and his amusing dialogue ‘Mai Pagal tha jo ismai aya’ ????

Watch the Ad here- 

The latest clip too witnessed millions of views and over a thousand comments celebrating the rebirth of this legendary meme. 

However, do we think it’s a little too late to bring this meme back? ????