July 25, 2024
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Tesla or Tesla: Elon Musk sues Indian battery maker over name

Elon Musk’s Tesla has filed a lawsuit against an Indian battery manufacturer for supposedly infringing on its trademark by using the name “Tesla Power” to market its products, on May 3.

During the hearing, the Indian company argued that its main business was to make “lead acid batteries” and that it had no  intention of making electric vehicles, according to Reuters.

However, Tesla claimed that it discovered the Indian battery maker was using its name since 2022, and continued to do so despite a cease-and-desist notice sent to it in April 2022. The company additionally accused the company of using trade names “Tesla Power” and “Tesla Power USA”. Court documents also reveal that the Indian company was recognized for its pioneering role in affordable batteries, with a powerful presence in India.

The lawsuit, heard in the Delhi High Court, seeks damages and a permanent injunction to stop the use of the Tesla brand name, according to Reuters.

After hearing both sides, the judge allowed “Tesla Power” three weeks to submit a written response on the matter along with documents in support of its defense. The next hearing in this trademark case is scheduled for May 22.

This unexpected case comes after Elon Musk abruptly cancelled his planned visit to India in April where he was scheduled to meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Days after the change of plans were announced, the billionaire made a surprise visit to China, a move which many viewed as a snub to India.