July 25, 2024

Sunfeast Dark Fantasy reveals what’s in Shah Rukh Khan’s tiffin in their latest campaign

The internet has been abuzz with the question “What’s in Shah Rukh Khan’s tiffin?” over the past few days, and Sunfeast Dark Fantasy’s new campaign finally has an answer.

Recognizing the universal craving for a sweet treat after meals, the brand has spotted a unique opportunity to enhance its tiffin experience. . Launching their latest campaign ‘Har Tiffin Ki Sweet Ending’ starring Shah Rukh Khan, it is revealed that the Bollywood superstar, like millions of Indians, he has a sweet tooth and carries his favorite Sunfeast Dark Fantasy in his tiffin.

In this campaign, the brand tapped into the insight that while people often end their meals with sweets and desserts at home or in restaurants, this practice is overlooked in lunchboxes and tiffins. By promoting their own products brand offers an indulgent and convenient solution Filled with decadent molten choco creme, Sunfeast Dark Fantasy is the ideal post-meal dessert that can be carried anywhere.

“We are thrilled to unveil our latest campaign, ‘Har Tiffin Ki Sweet Ending’ with Shah Rukh Khan.” Ali Harris Shere, chief operating officer, biscuits and cakes cluster, foods division, ITC, shared. “With this campaign, we aim to redefine the way people look at their tiffin. We hope to enhance their consumption habit by offering a dessert experience in a convenient format which elevates their tiffin moments.”

Damodaran. M, president and head of office, FCB Ulka, Bangalore added that, “As Indians, our behaviour has always been to satisfy our craving for something sweet after every meal. However, when it came to our tiffins, this behaviour was missing. And, that was an opportunity for us to position Dark Fantasy as the ideal fit for your tiffin’s sweet ending. Our product, in both form and taste, will complete every tiffin box that is being packed or opened across India”.

The Har Tiffin Ki Sweet Ending campaign will be rolled out across various digital media platforms across the country.