Zomato, India’s leading food delivery app, takes a leap into the world of artificial intelligence by announcing the launch of Zomato AI, a personalized AI-powered chatbot that aims to become your very own “foodie buddy”.

In a recent blog post, Zomato spoke of this new development: “This intelligent, intuitive, and interactive foodie has been meticulously designed to assist you in placing orders. It aligns with your momentarily unique food & beverage preferences, dietary needs, and even your moods!”

Zomato AI offers its users a unique feature known as a multiple-agent framework which enables their chatbot to process “variety of prompts for different tasks, essentially giving it multiple superpowers, ready to serve you at any time.”

If you crave a specific dish, Zomato AI will be able to help you out by listing all the nearby restaurants that serve that delicacy.

Zomato’s AI-powered tool also supports the natural style of texting which enables users to send multiple messages to them, with the AI responding in real-time. This includes questions like “What should I eat when I’m hungover?”, demonstrating the range of specifically-tailored responses Zomato AI can deliver.

According to Zomato, their technology has been developed in-house and was built using internal LLM Orchestrator Service: Firefly, and Vector DB with a self-developed generative AI stack.

Users will need to update their Zomato app in order to access the AI-chat feature. Additionally, Zomato has clarified that it is currently rolled out exclusively for Zomato’s subscription-based customers or ‘Gold Members’ to help them clear their doubts regarding food and beverages.

Zomato has elaborated on their latest development on their blog post.