Zomato, India’s leading food delivery platform, has launched a Durga Puja campaign celebrating its magic and culinary treasures.

In their latest captivating ad film, Zomato narrates the heartfelt story of a man who, despite being stuck alone at home, is able to enjoy the festival’s culinary delights thanks to a delivery from Zomato. It concludes with the reassuring line: “Zomato can deliver the taste of Pujo right at your doorstep.”

Zomato has also taken to Instagram to post their ad commercial with the humorous caption, ‘We can’t deliver everything”.

Thus, Zomato pays a heartfelt tribute to the essence of Durga Puja by celebrating the magic and delicious cuisines of the pandals. It is a perfect combination of warmth and humor, where food transcends sustenance and symbolizes love, unity and tradition. It also manages to balance tradition with modernity, indicating how one can stay in touch with their family and the cultural custom of the festival while also embracing Zomato’s quick and modern delivery.

Zomato’s video, posted on both YouTube and Instagram, has received substantial views and a flood of positive and appreciative comments. One comment summed up Zomato’s ad and the emotions it invoked by the comment: ‘Kolkata, Pujo, Food and Zomato. Such a killer combo.”