YouTube has been constantly improving its features to enhance user experience, and its latest development is yet another step in the right direction. It aims to better incorporate its text-based social engagement element and is experimenting with a new Community Posts feed for channels in its mobile app.

As explained by YouTube:

“We’ve heard that YouTube users are looking for more ways to find Community posts from creators, so we’re experimenting with a “posts-only” feed on the Home tab on mobile devices. If you’re in the experiment, you may see a “View all” button on single Community posts on Home, which you can tap to view more posts from channels you’ve engaged with in the past or posts that we think you may like. To return to the Home tab from the posts-only feed, you can always tap the back arrow button at the top left of your screen. We’re testing this feed with a small group of users on Android and iOS mobile devices.”

This new development is akin to Twitter’s text update feed with posts from channels that users follow and may like that are integrated into a dedicated and concise updates stream. Not only will this keep users engaged and interested, it also offers channel managers yet another helpful way to keep their audience informed of updates.

This isn’t the first time YouTube has begun to work on Community Posts. They have tried to make it a bigger part of community engagement by adding polls, quizzes (currently available on Android), and disappearing updates, as well as lowering the thresholds for qualification for Community Notes in May. This new ‘notes tab’ is yet another useful development which will increase the means of outreach in the app, to the benefit of all users.