“Fans get more from the game (and the ads)”

With 2024 Super Bowl just around the corner, YouTube has launched “AdBlitz”, where all Super Bowl ads will be displayed before, during and after the big game.

In its 18th year, AdBlitz provides an easy-to-understand showcase of all Super Bowl ads, so viewers can examine all the innovative approaches that top brands are taking with their campaigns. YouTube is apparently the only place where you can watch all Super Bowl ads at once.

According to YouTube: “According to Comscore’s analysis, 88% of adults ages 18–49 saw a 2023 Super Bowl ad on YouTube, compared to the 68% who watched on linear TV. Connected TV, specifically, is increasingly emerging as a major player — Comscore also found that 29% of adults ages 18–34 who only saw a 2023 Super Bowl ad on YouTube, saw it on CTV.”

This year, YouTube is trying something different: its Ad Blitz for 2024 will be sorted by genre. This includes categories like “Dramatic Ads”, “Inspirational Ads” and “Comedy Ads”, making it infinitely easier for fans to navigate.

But fans aren’t the only ones who will gain enjoyment from this: it benefits brands as well. “AdBlitz helps brands go bigger during advertising’s biggest moment. It’s where brands get more value out of their :30s spot, multiplying their reach and driving better results compared to the live broadcast alone. And with Google’s AI-powered ad solutions, brands can make the most of their hero Super Bowl creative to reach audiences across CTV, YouTube Shorts, and all the other formats where sports fans watch on YouTube.”

2024’s Super Bowl will be sure to inspire new trends and creative approaches to advertising.