YouTube has announced the launch of a suit of AI-powered tools to help video creators at an aptly-named annual event, “Made On YouTube”.

As YouTube explained in their blog post, “We’re unveiling a suite of products and features that will enable people to push the bounds of creative expression yet again — by making the difficult things simple, and the impossible dreams possible.”

These tools include:

Dream Screen:

This new tool will “make it easier than ever for anyone to express any idea and bring it to life on Shorts.” It is an experimental feature that allows users to create AI-generated videos or image backgrounds to YouTube Shorts by merely typing an idea into a prompt. From trekking through enchanted forests to filming in outer space, Dream Screen’s potential is limitless. YouTube will introduce this tool to select creators before rolling it out more broadly next year.

YouTube Create:

This is a new mobile app that simplifies and streamlines the production process for videos and allows anyone to create and share videos to YouTube right from their mobile phones. It offers numerous video editing tools including automatic captioning, precision editing and trimming, access to a library of filters, transitions, royalty free-music, voiceover capabilities, and many more. This tool is free of charge and is currently in beta on Android in select markets.


Aloud is an automatic-dubbing tool that allows creators to dub their content into languages beyond their own, and thus open their content to a much-wider global audience. This will be extremely beneficial for creators who do not have the resources to dug their content professionally.

Assistive Search in Creator Music:

Next year, YouTube will make it easier for creators to find soundtracks for videos with their assistive search in Creator Music. All users have to do is type in a description of their content, and YouTube’s AI will suggest the right music at the right price for them.

AI Insights:

Next year, YouTube will tap into generative AI to spark video ideas and draft outlines in order to help creators with their brainstorming process. These insights will be personalized and will vary according to each channel and what audiences are already watching on YouTube.

YouTube said: “The future of creation on YouTube is bright as we start to see how AI-powered tools can help transform people’s dreams into reality, and we can’t wait to see what gets Made on YouTube next.”

The launch of these exciting new tools will undoubtedly be extremely useful for creators and transform their video-creation process, making it quicker, easier and infinitely more efficient. This displays YouTube’s commitment to helping its users adapt and thrive in an ever-evolving digital world.