YouTube has announced several new features for YouTube Studio to help content creators gain more control, insights and customization for their channels.

Enhanced research tab for desktop:

Last year, YouTube added an improved research tab on YouTube Studio on mobile, which will give creators in a summary of what viewers are searching for on YouTube.

This year, they have brought this feature to the desktop version of Studio: its much-enhanced design will highlight data for users, including rising searches, top queries and any potential gaps in content quality.

Community clips now publicly shareable:

The newly-added “Community clips” section will publicly showcase the first five short clips of their viewers made by viewers, organized by the most popular first. This will drive more viewership and engagement on the channel, and also boost potential revenue opportunities for creators.

New analytics offering more insights into playlists:

YouTube is also adding more insights and metrics for playlists. A new playlist analytics section in YouTube Studio will allow a much-needed side-by-side comparison of the top playlists with grouped data on the videos within each one. This includes statistics such as watch time, total views and traffic sources, among many others. These will help creators better attribute their views, traffic and watch time to playlists themselves.

Scheduled publishing for members-only content:

While this is more selective than the other features, it is extremely beneficial for members of YouTube Studio. It will allow creators to schedule members-only videos to automatically publish publicly at a later date. Thus, they will be able to specifically designate it for public release at a later date, and will get notifications both times. This will hopefully streamline workflows around early access and member perks.